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Apprenticeships at Botham Accounting

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Hear from Brandon - Tax Advisor

I started at Botham Accounting in the midst of the pandemic.  I knew training was something that was going to be affected.  However, with constant consideration from management, I was given the support I needed to decide on my training route through to obtain my ATT qualification.   I was given the option to work from home and to come into the office for the necessary exposure to succeed, this means I have been able to find a good balance in undertaking my duties and finding the time to absorb what I am learning.   Regarding the nature of the work itself and the development this encourages, I never find myself short of work that is interesting and varied to anything I have previously worked on.  Particularly, the responsibility of tasks given such as my involvement in the Construction Industry Scheme has proven that Botham Accounting sees my worth.

I always feel encouraged and supported to push myself in my work too.  My manager, Angela, makes sure that I’m involved in tasks which can be difficult, but necessary for my future development.  Andrew also challenged me to attempt a modelling of the personal tax system in Excel which could be used for one of our clients.  This was also difficult, but somewhat enjoyable and provided a great eureka moment when I finally understood what I needed to do.  Basically, the no-limits approach to training that Botham Accounting offers, allows you to only be limited by your own willingness to learn.

I have also felt looked after at Botham Accounting, from the support I offered even before I joined right through to now as consolidate my knowledge and skills as part of a great team.  

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