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Acquisitions & Funding.


One way to grow your business is by making acquisitions.  Generally people believe that they are part of a long term structured strategy but in reality most acquisitions are opportunistic – opportunities can only be enjoyed when they present themselves – your goal is to find them and be in the position to make the most of them when they arise.

We can advise on the acquisition, how to approach it as each situation is different, funding, due diligence and integration (accounting, reporting and strategy) into your existing business.

Due Diligence.

When you buy another business you need to know the problems with the business that you are buying.  For example, are there any HMRC issues, is the customer base, profitability and cash flow what you think it is?  Good due diligence helps to reduce the risk of surprises later on.

The due diligence process will give you tools to use in negotiating the price of the target, the payment terms and risk sharing.


There are several reasons why you may be looking for finance for your business:

  • expansion or to make an acquisition;
  • working capital;
  • refinance;
  • asset/property purchase.

The most common sources of funding are debt and equity.  Debt usually comes from a bank, specialist lender or friends and family.  Equity from a venture capital fund, business angel, university and friends and family.

How we can help?

  • Preparation of funding proposals
  • Introducing funders, approaching funders with you and assisting in the preparation and negotiation of the funding package
  • Introducing specialist brokers and fundraisers from our wide range of relationships:
    • property finance
    • bond financing for more than £25m capital requirement
    • private equity
    • asset based lending for cars and equipment

Financial Modelling.

Strategy, Risk & Coaching.

Business Structuring.

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