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At Botham Accounting, we can prepare and process your VAT returns making the whole process easier for you, or just offer you advice on VAT and how to navigate it. We can help you identify what you can charge VAT on and what you can’t.

VAT and its legislation can be a minefield, particularly in the land, property and construction sectors and can prove to be a time-consuming part of your business.

We look to give practical advice by considering the way in which your business works to change the timings of indirect tax payments to improve cash flow.

Simple things such as considering your bad debt recovery processes and eliminating errors from systems to more sophisticated processes in your purchase accounting systems will work to improve your VAT recovery and time for payment.

We can help you decide if you need to be VAT registered and if there are any schemes that we feel may benefit you, such as the Flat Rate or Cash Accounting scheme.

To produce your VAT return all we need from you are your accounting records for each VAT period and we will do the rest. We will ensure that you reclaim the correct amount of VAT and that you are compliant with HMRC. Once we have your VAT return completed we will send it to you for approval and then submit directly to HMRC for you.

We are timely and consistent in producing our VAT returns and have good experience of producing them for a broad range of sectors.

We have lots of practice in dealing with HMRC on VAT matters and know the sorts of questions they are going to ask and how to answer them. We can speak to and deal with HMRC on your behalf saving you time and possible stress.

VAT & Real Estate.

Businesses and individuals with large property portfolios submitting partial exemption calculations as part of their VAT return preparation can find accurately documenting the values tricky. We can work with you to optimise your systems to achieve this.

Owners of property portfolios, developers and property investors also need to consider the impact of VAT considerations like whether to submit and option to tax the land and property.

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