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Andrew Botham

Andrew Botham

Managing Director

Chartered Accountant - ACA

Chartered Tax Adviser - CTA

07969 858973

I like to have a one-to-one relationship with my clients and to act as an adviser, thinking partner and challenger. I enjoy helping my clients and asking them questions that can make them think in a different way about an issue.

Property and construction and renewables – I am known for my expertise in the Real Estate, Construction and Renewables sectors. I love working in these sectors, they are essential and dynamic and they have given me the opportunity to work on fantastic projects with high calibre people. I can advise on all aspects from the tax planning and implementation, right through to completion.

Advice – The majority of my time is spent advising and acting as a sounding board for clients and assisting and guiding them with the structuring of transactions and their businesses.  I excel at problem solving and high level strategy and enjoy helping people to achieve their ambitions. I like to be incisive and objective when it comes to your business and I can often enable stakeholders to see a clear solution which may not be instantly apparent to those running the business day to day.

Tax planning – Often tax planning is event driven whereby we integrate tax planning into the business so that the business is structured in a way that works.  Knowing what I know enables me to ask you questions with the purpose of clarifying your thoughts so that you can create structures and plans that will enable you to attain your business goals.

Prior to forming Botham Accounting I was a partner at a Top 20 regional firm.

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